Back Posture Corrector

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Our adjustable back posture corrector has many benefits to your health. The simple non surgical way to correct your back posture and relieve pain. Unhealthy back posture can lead to long term back pain, muscle pain and other medical problems. Here are some of the benefits: 

 Corrects and relieves back, shoulder and neck pain - releases the tension and tightness built up in your muscles!

 Improves your well being, appearance and confidence - once your posture has improved you will naturally feel more assertive and powerful. It can even add up to an inch to your height!

 Boosts mood levels and mental health - it has been proven by physical therapists that a slouched posture can put you in a low mood and make you feel more stressed, open your body up and feel brighter and happier!

 Suitable for children and also suitable for any sport! 

The back corrector is a long term investment into your wellbeing. It can be worn in any environment, at home, in the gym or at work. It can be comfortably worn under clothes with no irritation!